Simple script to automate AJA KUMO Routers

I was working on a project this week that is using a multitude of AJA Kumo routers. While the routers themselves are brilliant, the API documentation is less than desirable. After digging through the API example code, I uncovered a great little text dump call that gives me all of the IDs. I’ve put the … Continue reading “Simple script to automate AJA KUMO Routers”

Automatically backing up P5 indexes

Much of the truly important index data in Archiware P5 is indeed stored on tape with the data itself.  That said, ancillary information like system licensing, custom metadata and proxies, and configuration settings are often not saved.  While all of this is recoverable in the case of a true disaster, sometimes it is easier to … Continue reading “Automatically backing up P5 indexes”

Alternate P5 preview/metadata automation

In previous articles I’ve shown how to create custom preview generators using Archiware’s scripting engine. In addition to using custom preview and metadata scripts, there is a method of automatically adding these items to any archived asset with P5 Archive by preparing the filesystem appropriately. Lets say we want to archive the file /Volumes/MySAN/Projects/ We … Continue reading “Alternate P5 preview/metadata automation”

Using open source tools to generate more previews in PresSTORE

A while ago, I wrote an article about using qt_tools to generate proxy previews for PresSTORE Archive.  While this solution is relatively simple, because of the toolkit it was relegated solely to Quicktime enabled Mac systems.  It made codec support easy, but also came with its own set of problems. As Linux/Windows becomes more common … Continue reading “Using open source tools to generate more previews in PresSTORE”