Archive folders based on the modification date of their files using Archiware P5

Recently I was asked if P5 could automatically archive an entire folder based not on the modification of the folder itself, but instead on the modification time of the contents of the folder (files and subdirectories). The goal was to enable a “cold folder” automation that can automatically clean entire projects from storage based on … Continue reading “Archive folders based on the modification date of their files using Archiware P5”

Using Python to talk to Archiware P5’s CLI API

I get asked all the time how the Archiware P5 CLI works. It is actually a fairly intuitive CLI, the docs can be found at Archiware’s knowledgebase here. Below is a heavily commented python script for doing some of the basics with P5 archive via the CLI. This code should work with Python 2.6 and … Continue reading “Using Python to talk to Archiware P5’s CLI API”

Scripting re-encode of Archiware P5 previews

Often times I see customers of Archiware P5 that are using the internal Quicktime preview generator in the hope that it will work well for their proxies. Unfortunately, when working in short form production video, the preview created by this system often times is actually the same size as the source file. The way Archiware’s … Continue reading “Scripting re-encode of Archiware P5 previews”

Automatically backing up P5 indexes

Much of the truly important index data in Archiware P5 is indeed stored on tape with the data itself. ¬†That said, ancillary information like system licensing, custom metadata and proxies, and configuration settings are often not saved. ¬†While all of this is recoverable in the case of a true disaster, sometimes it is easier to … Continue reading “Automatically backing up P5 indexes”