CatDV/PresSTORE Updates for CatDV 9.0

For a full overview of getting CatDV working with PresSTORE Archive, click here.  This article discusses updates due to changes in CatDV 9.0. After doing some work with CatDV 9.0, I discovered that the XML schema has changed slightly.  The changes are actually just a more verbose XML output and adding some additional sub-fields to the … Continue reading “CatDV/PresSTORE Updates for CatDV 9.0”

Converting a volume with data on it to a mirrored RAID volume in MacOS X

Since the days of Panther, Apple has included the ability to create and boot from Apple software RAIDs.  Unfortunately, regardless of how you ordered your XServe (RIP) or MacPro or mini server, the system comes with two drives, one with a clean system installed, the other completely empty.  While it is easy to reinstall and … Continue reading “Converting a volume with data on it to a mirrored RAID volume in MacOS X”

Generating Proxies using Archiware PresSTORE

Note: I originally posted this on Xsanity but it seemed to make sense to move it to my personal blog as well. So I figured since this is an often talked about product that I would share a little bit of configuration information for everyone out there. This is by no means a definitive way … Continue reading “Generating Proxies using Archiware PresSTORE”

CatDV and PresSTORE Archive Integration

UPDATES: CatDV 9.0 Updates and changes to – (August 2011) Original Post CatDV has become a very popular video asset management system and with the advent of their Enterprise Server product, can provide entire video workgroups with an asset management and automation solution at a relatively aggressive price point. I am frequently asked if … Continue reading “CatDV and PresSTORE Archive Integration”