REST API for ToolsOnAir Just:In Engine Calendar

Recently I had a project that required remote systems to create calendar events for ToolsOnAir’s Just:In ingest product. While Just:In supports scheduled record, it is based on the Apple Calendar for scheduling events. The bad news here is that Apple Calendar local calendars don’t have any method for remote access/sharing. The good news is that … Continue reading “REST API for ToolsOnAir Just:In Engine Calendar”

Simple script to automate AJA KUMO Routers

I was working on a project this week that is using a multitude of AJA Kumo routers. While the routers themselves are brilliant, the API documentation is less than desirable. After digging through the API example code, I uncovered a great little text dump call that gives me all of the IDs. I’ve put the … Continue reading “Simple script to automate AJA KUMO Routers”

Automatically backing up P5 indexes

Much of the truly important index data in Archiware P5 is indeed stored on tape with the data itself.  That said, ancillary information like system licensing, custom metadata and proxies, and configuration settings are often not saved.  While all of this is recoverable in the case of a true disaster, sometimes it is easier to … Continue reading “Automatically backing up P5 indexes”

Bonjour and VPN or How I Learned To Stop Googling And Love Simplicity

Recently I have been using Quickbooks 2012 to manage my business, and while I can’t say I’m in love with the software by any means, it is what I would consider “good enough” for what I’m doing currently. I have the multi-user edition and run the database using the Quickbooks Server application. I frequently travel … Continue reading “Bonjour and VPN or How I Learned To Stop Googling And Love Simplicity”